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I Guide Families 
Through The College
Preparatory Process

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Brannon Jones is an educational consultant in Atlanta, GA. He is the 2018 National Black College Alumni Hall of Fame Emerging Leader, the 2019 Twenty Pearls Foundation Humanitarian of the Year, and proud recipient of the 2019 Education Author of the Year Award for his College Readiness 101 Workbook Series. This series is used all around the country, assisting students as they become better prepared for college. He has created college and career programming for school systems, agencies, and student organizations.


Brannon's higher education experience includes college admissions and recruitment, student services and retention, and Title IX. Through his professional and volunteer work, he has assisted thousands of students reach their educational goals.   


Brannon has partnered with organizations around the country to assist students including the Steve & Marjorie Harvey Foundation, Birmingham City Schools, Clayton County Public Schools, Communities in School – Atlanta, Clark Atlanta University TRiO Program, UC Davis TRiO Program, and many other student serving organizations.


What Inspires You?

"Simply… My students! My students are the one thing that inspires me the most. Watching students that I have worked with create opportunities for themselves, persevere through adversity, and reach their goals provides an intrinsic value that is unrivaled." 

Why Did You Decide To Write A Parent's Series?

"I think it's important to educate the entire household. One of the greatest disservices many educators make is to conduct sessions or program activities, then expect these busy students to educate their busy parents on their role in the college preparatory process. A focus on educating the parent can lead to more consistent positive outcomes. A better-informed family makes better decisions about the future of their child's post-secondary education."  

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The Steve & Marjorie Harvey Foundation

"Brannon is incredible in what he does. His knowledge and commitment to excellence in his field is unmatched. He has been an amazing resource and inspiration to our students for many years."


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