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Are You Overwhelmed By The College Readiness Process and Need a New Approach?

Updated: Apr 6, 2021

Welcome students, parents, educators, and other distinguished audience members. I want to talk to you about a topic that is near and dear to me - College Readiness!.

I became interested in this topic many years ago when I was working in higher education. I was employed as a recruiter at a couple of local colleges. In these roles, I witnessed how many students were unprepared for college for a variety of reasons. The number one reason most students were unprepared was financial. However, another much more profound reason compelled me to develop my nonprofit organization and my College Readiness 101 workbooks.

I decided to get involved in college preparation because I realized students were also ill-prepared for college due to a lack of access to information. Imagine that. In this age where we are inundated with information, students lacked the proper information needed to help make the transition from high school to college easier. As a college recruiter, I found myself recruiting students and providing them with resources and opportunities that they did not realize existed. This happened a lot. So, I felt that there was a need to fulfill here.

The Bigger Problem Brewing in College Readiness

Undoubtedly, financial issues are a considerable problem preventing students from achieving their academic goals. According to an article in the Washington Post published in the summer of 2018, high school students are failing to make the transition to college, even after being accepted. This phenomenon is referred to as "summer melt," in which students, particularly from low-income families, fail to attend college. It happens because, from the time they graduate from high school to the time they are supposed to enter college, something prevents them from attending.

Most of the time, the reason "summer melt" happens is because of financial issues out of a student's control. However, I was shocked to find out that some of the reasons are very preventable. Students miss an opportunity of a lifetime for things like not submitting documents by registration deadlines. Another reason is students do not feel that they are prepared to transition from high school to college. These latter reasons are why I decided to develop a system to address non-financial reasons why students are not prepared to attend college.

Why I Created The College Readiness 101 Workbook Series

I am empathetic with the financial reasons why students cannot attend college. Every family's structure is different and financial reasons arise from time to time. What I do not empathize with is students not being prepared to make the transition. As a former college student and administrator in higher education, I made it my mission to bridge this gap. This is why I created The College Readiness 101 Workbook Series.

I realize that some students and parents simply do not know what to do to make the transition from high school to college seamless. I decided to take up the torch and do something about this. For students who are eager and academically capable of attending college, I do not want them to fall through the cracks because they simply do not have a plan. College Readiness 101 is a curriculum to keep both parents and students on track to college success.

Key Features of College Readiness 101

One of the most important things about my workbook series is that it outlines college preparation at each grade level, starting from 8th grade to 12th. Each level has workbooks and survival kits designed to help them know what they should be doing on each grade level to prepare for college. Even parents have a series that helps them understand what they need to do as their child prepares for college.

How The Series Addresses College Readiness For Students and Parents

I believe that every student should have a chance to attend college. Even if you do not have a proper support system, do not let this discourage you. If it is success that you seek, my nonprofit organization and my book series are here to serve you.

If you are a student who wants to do what it takes to prepare yourself at every grade level, I encourage you to take advantage of each workbook series grade level. If you are a parent who wants to provide a much more supportive environment for your teen, but you just do not know how to, College Readiness 101 offers success strategies for you, too.

Ideal Scenarios For Using College Readiness 101

There are many reasons why you may find interest in my workbook series. However, if you fall into these scenarios below, you should definitely purchase the workbooks.


You are a student who is determined to succeed no matter what. You may or may not have the proper tools or support systems in place, but you have a strong desire to go to college. You want to make sure the transition from high school to college is seamless by having a solid plan of action to ensure that you meet deadlines to attend college on time.


You are a parent who has an ambitious student who wants to attend college. However, neither you nor they know everything involved in preparing for college. As a parent, you want to coach your teen and keep them on track to college success. Therefore, College Readiness 101 is ideal for you and your teen.

Educational Professionals

You are an educator, counselor, or high school professional who is deeply concerned about your students' successful transition from high school to college. You want to increase the number of students graduating from your institution or district going to college with a plan of action that leads to positive results.

I want you to know that I am deeply invested in your success. Remember the saying, "It takes a village to raise a child." Students, parents, and educators, I am your resource for college readiness success. We will do this together to ensure students have a strong foundation for making the transition to college.


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