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As You Head Back to High School This Year, Keep College Preparation In Mind

I know that you are busy working on getting the best grades you possibly can this year. This first semester will be very busy for you as you get acclimated to your new schedule and your difficult course load. However, I want you to keep college in mind as you prepare for success in high school this year. Here's why.

Academics are very important and have a substantial impact on whether you get accepted to college. But there are also other factors that are equally important in helping you to get into college. Things like extracurricular activities and volunteer opportunities not only help your chances of getting into college but also may help you determine what career path you want.

For instance, some people have discovered a passion for wanting to help with social ills like homelessness simply by volunteering at a homeless shelter. Experiences like these have helped many people determine that they want to open a non-profit organization to help the homeless or become a politician to help change laws that affect those in need. Or perhaps if you volunteer at a hospital, you may realize that there are sick people who need your expertise. Thus, you get on the path to becoming a doctor or a nurse.

The sky is the limit with your career growth and I know that you may not be thinking about this part of your life yet. However, now is a good time to start thinking about it along with your high school studies. This is why I developed the College Readiness 101 curriculum so that you can have a guidebook to help you each year in high school to prepare for college. I have even incorporated an 8th-grade edition for those who are really eager to get started preparing for college. The books are categorized by grade level so that each year you have a roadmap of what you should be doing to get ready for college so that you can ultimately choose your career path.

Are you ready to buy a copy of the College Readiness 101 workbook so that you can start to prepare for college?

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