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How College Readiness 101 Can Be Implemented in Schools

For most of the country, school is back in session. Most teachers and school personnel will be focused on getting students acclimated to this year's school curriculum. However, before long, students will settle into a routine and be focused on more than just academics. Students will be engaged in sports and other extracurricular activities. Preparing for college will also be on many students' minds, especially juniors and seniors.

College preparation is one of the fundamental reasons I designed my curriculum, College Readiness 101. I created this curriculum to help students and parents become as knowledgeable as possible about all the steps involved in college prep. Although my main focus is a multi-generational family approach, my curriculum is also beneficial to school officials. Here's how.


School counselors are the primary contact that most students will have in the college preparation process. They inform students about placement tests, such as the SAT and the ACT. Counselors can also help guide students toward taking the right courses for the college they want to attend. College Readiness 101 would not only be a valuable tool for counselors, but it can also be a means for them to help students stay on track. Some helpful content within my workbooks includes information about college fairs, the college admissions process, financial aid, and info about careers. Counselors can be instrumental in disseminating the College Readiness 101 workbooks to students. These workbooks include plenty of information to help answer many students' pressing questions about college admissions.

Graduation Coaches

Graduation coaches are instrumental in keeping students on track. They can help students who may be failing or missing class often to turn their lives around to fulfill their mission of improving graduation rates. As a part of their mission to improve graduation rates, College Readiness 101 can help. My workbooks address college prep at each grade level. They include a plethora of resources to assist graduation coaches with keeping students focused and on track for graduation and college admissions.

Parent Liaisons

Parent liaisons are the quintessential element keeping other parents connected and involved with activities and important information at school. No one can communicate better than someone in the same predicament as other parents than a parent liaison. Like other parents, they will have children who need help with the college prep process. Parent liaisons can benefit from College Readiness 101 curriculum for their own teens attending high school. They can also encourage other parents to get the curriculum to help their teens prepare for college admissions success.

These are a few very important ways that the College Readiness 101 curriculum can start to make a difference in schools. Are you a school official interested in becoming a College Readiness 101 partner? Click the button below and fill out my contact form to learn more about this exclusive opportunity.

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